"A Beautiful Haircut, is the cheapest form of Cosmetic Surgery on the planet".  ---  Paul West

HAIR SCULPTING . . .  Takes the "Art of Haircutting" to a whole NEW Advanced Level.

What goes into a Great Haircut?  Well, much more than you might think.  Today's Modern Hair Designs are a "complex mix" of Geometric, Curved and Inverted Angles, lots of Intricate Layerings, and a variety of "Special Effects" cutting.

HAIR DEFECTS . . .  You're NOT alone - Everybody has them - Lots of them! Don't Fret! - This is where "Multi-Dimensional / Special Effects" Haircutting really shines!

TROMPE L'OEIL . . .  "Trompe L'Oeil" is a French Term, meaning to "Trick the Eye". 
Great Haircutting is all about creating illusions. 

              ********************  ENERGIZING HAIR  ********************
                  Listed below are Advanced Cutting Techniques that our                      Highly Trained / Really Experienced Hair Designers specialize in:

"INSIDE OUT CUTTING" . . .  We are literally cutting a 2nd shape inside the haircut  ~~~  Adds "Lift / Volume & Fullness"  where it normally doesn't exist, even on Fine, Thinning hair.  However, this amazing technique can achieve the "opposite effect", that is, removing bulk "without losing" the existing length."

"TWIST CUTTING" . . .  Adds Volume & Lift to "Flat Spots" anywhere on the head.  Great for use on "Unruly" awkward & stubborn cowlicks.  We attack, weaken, lift & fill those bad spots you wish you didn't have. 

"TEXTURIZING IN MOTION" . . .  My clients rave about this effect.  I developed this technique over 25 years ago, as a way to increase the Volume, Lift & Fullness in hair, and to add uniquely beautiful "Rippled Effects" for added motion.  "Texturizing in Motion" also refreshes the appearance of your Highlights, all while diffusing, blending & enhancing the beauty of your hair color. 
"HAIR CARVING" . . .  Adds lots of visual impact!  ~~~ Creates soft beveled edges, wispiness & taperings on the "perimeter" of the cut  ~~~  When used on the interior, Hair Carving "Slices Out & Opens Up" parts of the hair strands creating additional Layered Texture, Movement, Blending, Flow & Softness.

 "CHUNKING" . . .  Go Delicate / Go Moderate / Go Rock Star Edgy!  You call the shots!  ~~~  Chunking adds incredible dimension to "any" Hair Design  ~~~   
We use a variety of unique scissors to achieve what your looking for, from Soft Blending Shears to aggressive Monster Chunkers and everything in between. Hair Chunking adds the "WOW FACTOR" in "Fresh Modern Looks" and is the "go-to" technique for spiking hair. 

"SCISSOR SLICING", "RAZOR-ING"  & "POINT CUTTING" . . .  Adds Wisps & Fringe Effects to the perimeter of the cut causing a dramatic visual impact to Bangs, Fringe & NecklinesAlso used for "Refining" the interior of the haircut.

PRECISION "DIAGONAL CUTTING" . . .  Brings out the best in the hairs "Natural Flow Pattern" and contours hair to your particular head shape.  This technique can "Buffer" Funky Growth Patterns.




There's been a Quantum Leap Forward in the Art of "Special Effects" Haircutting in the last 25 Years.  PAUL WEST & Staff, take great pride in offering our clients these latest advances in Haircutting Technology.   

OUR BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY & GOAL . . .  We staff the business with the most experienced and most qualified Hair Designers.  Our Mission: is to provide the customer with the best possible experience and the best possible results!

For the Art of it!


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